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Facial Laser Hair Removal Demo on Black Woman’s Face

Today’s laser hair removal demo of the face segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa’s (located between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles and just 15 minutes south of Aventura) Miami Laser Hair Removal blog. In this video we are going over a problem that plagues many black women and that is chin and facial hair.

CoolGlide laser is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE adjunct that offers permanent hair reduction to many women. If you’d like to learn more on how this treatment can help you please contact us at 305-864-3333.

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Hypopigmentation


Thanks for stopping by Bay Harbour Med Spa’s blog. Today we’re covering the topic of laser hair removal and hypopigmentation. We received a question from a young woman who was concerned that she developed hypopigmentation after under going several laser hair removal treatments. If you share a similar concern, we hope this vlog helps to answer your question/s. Please feel free to ask us a question, or (for South Florida locals) call us at 305-864-3333 to schedule a complementary consultation.

How Laser Can Treat Black Men W/ Ingrowns on the Head

Today’s skin care segment is courtesy of Miami Laser Hair Removal.com — a blog by Bay Harbour Med Spa.

If you’re a black man and are suffering from ingrowns on the head (scalp), we hope our advice on how laser hair removal can help you is useful to you. We invite you to ask us questions or if you’re local to South Florida you may call 305-864-3333 to schedule a complementary consultation.

Intimate Area Laser Hair Removal

AKA perineum laser hair removal treatments

Today’s laser hair removal segment is courtesy of Miami Laser Hair Removal.com by Bay Harbour Med Spa (an authentic European med spa located conveniently between Miami and Miami Beach and just 15 minutes south of Aventura).

We’re covering the topic of intimate laser hair removal or it’s more appropriately described word .. the perineum ( the area between the anus and the scrotum or vulva).

The video is offered to you for educational purposes only. Feel free to ask us questions below in the comment section but remember to keep them clean in nature.

For local South Floridians you’re welcome to call us to schedule a complementary discreet consultation at 305-864-3333.

Does Laser Hair Removal Stimulate Erections?

Today’s laser hair removal video segment is courtesy of Miami Laser Hair Removal.com. & Bay Harbour Med Spa.

First, let’s preface by stating that this segment/video is absolutely clean and professional in nature!! We are covering the topic of laser hair removal and erections because (a) it does happen and it is a normal reaction that is non-sexual in nature, and (b) we also receive this query multiple times per week. We’ve decided to cover this topic today to dispel any myths.

Have a question for us? IT MUST BE CLEAN IN NATURE and If it is, please feel free to ask your question down below in the comment section.