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Laser Hair Removal for Haitian/Black Women – My Story!

Today’s laser hair removal segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa located in the Miami Beach area (Bay Harbor Island).

I am pleased to have Sheila, a Haitian-American young lady, share her laser hair removal testimonial (review) and results with you in both English and Creole. I hope her story serves as inspiration to any of you who suffer from unwanted, unsightly or painful ingrown facial and neck hair.

As always please feel free to ask me any questions you have below in the comment section or call me at 305-864-3333. Take good care, Eva.

How Black/Dark Women Can Treat Stomach Ingrown Hairs

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We received a call from a young woman (from Hollywood, FL) of ethnic background asking me how to treat her abdominal ingrowns on her stomach.