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Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Hypopigmentation?

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I received a question asking whether laser hair removal cause hypopigmentation — the answer is — generally, no! To learn more please watch this short video explanation. Have a skin care related question for us? Please ask below in the comment section or call 305-864-3333 for a complementary consultation.

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Hypopigmentation


Thanks for stopping by Bay Harbour Med Spa’s blog. Today we’re covering the topic of laser hair removal and hypopigmentation. We received a question from a young woman who was concerned that she developed hypopigmentation after under going several laser hair removal treatments. If you share a similar concern, we hope this vlog helps to answer your question/s. Please feel free to ask us a question, or (for South Florida locals) call us at 305-864-3333 to schedule a complementary consultation.