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Laser Hair Removal Safe for Black Skin (South Florida) Testimonial

Today’s skin care segment is courtesy of Skin Renewal Method  by Bay Harbor Med Spa located in the South Florida area of Miami Beach, FL. I am having coffee with my African-American client turned friend, Tamecina, who is kind enough to share with you her review of treating unsightly facial and neck hair at my med spa utilizing the CoolGlide laser hair removal, and electrolysis for the white hairs (as laser only works on dark pigmented follicles). If you’re a dark skinned woman suffering from hirsutism or painful hair ingrowns, I invite you to have a cup of tea and sit down for a few minutes to hear Tamecina’s story. As always, if you have any skincare related questions, you are welcome to ask me below in the comment section or call me at: 305-864-3333.

Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin – (Miami, FL)


Today’s skin care segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa
located in Miami Beach, FL. If you are a dark skin man or woman, there are some facts and information you should be aware of as it relates to safe and effective laser hair removal treatments. I hope you find the information that the young lady in this video is sharing with you to be helpful and informative. Please feel free to ask me any skin care related question you have below in the comment section or call 305-864-3333.