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Can Eye Surgery Lasers Be Used to Eliminate Body Hair? No!

Courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa – conveniently located between Miami, Miami Beach and Sunny Isles – and just 15 minutes south of Aventura.

I am answering an excellent question that was sent to me by a 24-year-old young lady. Her question is as follows: ” Me my younger sister both suffer from Hirsutism. This is something we both have struggled with for many years now. In fact, during my sisters high school years hers got to a point where it was very uncontrollable and obvious and for 15 year old girl with the dark hair all down your neck and face, you can only imagine how it effected her self esteem and how depressing it was for her. It took a tremendous toll on her self confidence. Mine also makes me feel pretty insecure. We tried numerous things, just as your other patients and just like everyone else nothing worked. Desperate to find answers to a permanent solution I searched you tube and had come across your video before but wasn’t able to finish it, but today I watched multiple reviews about the Coolglide Yag Laser. An by the video it pretty much looks like a miracle worker!! I would like to know the process and if its affordable. Could your please just give me some feed back on how we can treat this. I also work at a facial cosmetic and Ophthalmology clinic; how ]ever the laser here is the Mixto Laser and I have not tried it yet but from what I see in my patients it pretty much turns out like the rest of the lasers outcome. It burns the skin and makes it very dark and it peels, like most of the other lasers it’s not very effective on dark skin. So I haven’t used it but we also have a Yag procedure here, were we use it on the eyes after cataract surgery. I want to know if this is a similar machine also.” This is a great, great question – and a video I think every person considering laser hair removal treatments should watch. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you found this video to be of value to you. As always feel free to ask me skincare related questions below in the comment section. To schedule a complimentary consultation please call 305-864-3333.

Why Laser Hair Removal Devices Are a Waste of Money!

At Laser Hair Removal Miami, LLC. we receive dozens of questions about laser hair removal devices available for sale online or via late night infommercials.

We hope the truthful explanation we offer in this video will not only help you have a clearer understanding on how the marketing industry is taking advantage of you, but also why it is impossible for you to achieve permanent hair removal with these devices plus additional tips.

The Dangers of Brazilian Hair Removal & Herpes

Today’s help with skin care segment is courtesy of Miami Laser Hair — a blog by Bay Harbour Med Spa (located between Miami Beach & Sunny Isles). We’re going over the topic of Brazilian hair removal and herpes. Laser hair removal treatments DO have contraindications — HPV is one of them! And it is something you should not ignore if you have this virus. To learn why please watch he above video.

hope you find this video to be helpful and informative. Feel free to ask us¬†questions, and if you’re a local to South Florida you are more than welcome to call 305-864-3333 for a complementary consultation.

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal if I Have Active Herpes?

Today’s laser hair removal segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa (conveniently located between Miami and about 15 minutes south of Aventura).

If you have herpes, and have active symptoms then laser hair removal is not an option for you!!! Please take a few minutes to watch the above video and educate yourselves. Avoid unnecessary health problems.

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